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Miami Supplements LLC. are one of the most recognisable website brands in the health and fitness niche. Stocking a massive variety of over 1,500 products, there is something that will appeal to every TheYaconDiet.com visitor, ensure affiliates see the maximum return for their traffic.

Unlike numerous sites and so called ‘experts’ all offering differing opinions on what works, Miami Supplements LLC. gives customers simple, unbiased advice and products they can trust. TheYaconDiet.com customers are given a voice with the product review functionality and there are clear options to buy throughout the site. Affiliates are able to promote TheYaconDiet.com in the knowledge that customers will have an excellent experience when ordering from the site, and the likely-hood of repeat orders is extremely high.

Product Range

Miami Supplements LLC. stocks a huge selection of products specifically targeted for each geographic region. So traffic from the US will see US specific products and brands and UK will see UK specific products and brands. This is to ensure that our offering is both appealing for the market and diverse enough to convert every vistor.

Key benefits of being an Affiliate

  • Very high average order value
  • Lifetime customer cookies
  • Well know, simple domain ensures good customer retention and re-orders
  • Extremely fast shipping and excellent customer support ensure low refunds
  • Tons of promotions and promotional material
  • Multiple product feeds allowing you to tailor specifically what you need
  • Custom promotion creation for top affiliates

Getting Started

Miami Supplements LLC. work with several different affiliate platforms, allowing our affiliate partners to choose a program that they are most familiar and comfortable with. Please choose from one of the programs below to get started;

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